Month: December 2016

“All Australians have a role to play in ending racism and xenophobia,” says UN expert, Mutuma Ruteere on a recent visit to Australia.

    “If they do not speak out they lend legitimacy to them. It’s very easy for darkness to drive out the light. It’s very easy for the bad to demean the good. It’s much harder to clear out the political space once it’s infected by racists,”.  The United Nations’ special rapporteur on racism, Mutuma […]

Sustainable Tourism in 2017 – Planning Your Next Holiday.

  Each year, the United Nations names a theme that will be pursued for the entirety of that year. Accordingly, 2017 has been named The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Sustainable Tourism for Development has three key tenets: economic, social and environmental. Economically sustainable tourism aims to inject funding from tourism into local […]