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Young professional in the field: Carla Ianni

Late night Bunggal-ing, a close call with a Crocodile and all things #Garma. 

Hosted, coordinated and programmed in its entirety by the Yothu Yindi Foundation (YYF), Garma attracts an exclusive gathering of 2,500 political and business leaders as well as community workers and academics from across the globe. YYF is committed to improving the state of Indigenous disadvantage by engaging likeminded people to discuss key issues that our indigenous Australians face as well as possible means of resolution. The four day program in Nhulunbuy included panel discussions, live music, astronomy with local elders and a cackling sketch from Black Comedy.

Topical issues unpacked at Garma included:

  1. How to create and support sustainable and indigenous led small businesses;
  2. How can government and local communities increase participation and reform the education system to cater for Indigenous youth; and
  3. What are the symbolic and practical implications of a referendum vote to recognise Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders in the Australian constitution

While these themes were discussed in the context of Indigenous Australians, they resonate with the global United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals proving that sustainability in environment, business and communities is not a local issue. The need for industry, innovation and infrastructure as a means to providing quality educationgender equality decent work and economic growth were discussed as topical, necessary and as an imperative for social change.

Bunggal performance by local indigenous tribe

Carla had the privilege of attending Garma through her role as Manager of Customer Advocacy at Commonwealth Bank. CBA Customer Advocacy believes that customers need a podium, particularly those whose voice is hard for us to hear. As a Manager of Customer Advocacy, Carla liaises with the community sector, reviews customer complaints with a focus on fair outcomes and undertakes thematic reviews of topical social policy issues. Further information about CBA Customer Advocacy can be found at https://www.commbank.com.au/about-us/who-we-are/customer-commitment/customer-advocate.html .

When not working in Customer Advocacy, Carla offers pro bono legal advice at Redfern Legal Centre. She also drafts policy submissions to Federal and State government, the UN Office of the High Commissioner and other Commissions as an esteemed member of the Violence Against Women Working Group of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights.

Nhulunbuy Crocodile Beach