UNAA NSW Young Professionals


The UNAA Young Professionals NSW are part of a global network, and are a program of the World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA).

Established in 2011, the UNAA Young Professionals were the third network to be established internationally, after the USA and the UK. Since our inception we have connected an active, influential and increasingly globally-mobile sector in society, and we have provided our members with a platform to engage with international affairs and the work of the United Nations.

We build engagement through:

  • Collaboration: we host inspired and inspiring events on various UN Days of Observance, which range from panel discussions, to film screenings, lively debates, and dinner parties. Each year our calendar changes, so no two events are the same.
  • Community: we provide opportunities for members to connect and collaborate with peers, our partners and invited guests such as UN professional staff, seasoned journalists, renowned academics, experienced humanitarian workers and international law experts.
  • Communication: we start conversations on issues that matter to our members via Facebook, Instagram, our blog and our Podcast. We exchange ideas and stories with our local communities to build perspective on global matters.