UNAA Podcasts

UNAA Podcasts

A selection of UNAA podcasts and presentations

ABC Radio, Illawarra

National President of the United Nations Association of Australia Michael Smith on United Nations Day, 26 October 2017.

ABC Radio National, “A Foreign Affair” 

National President of the United Nations Association of Australia Michael Smith, 29 September 2017.

ABC Radio National, “Big Ideas”

UNAA Brisbane lecture by UNAA Goodwill Ambassador Ramesh Thakur on UN nuclear ban treaty, 13 July 2017.


Annual United Nations Day Luncheon – October 24th, 2016

Guest of Honour Address: Professor Ian Jacob, President, and Vice-Chancellor, UNSW


International Women’s Day

FIVEaa Breakfast 139.5 (Adelaide)


Professor Richard Tanter Tasmanian rt-cover-photo-for-tools-of-owatatsumi-2015-1

United Nations Day 2016 Presentation



618Mornings with Adam Steer – ABC Darwin Podcast: Interview with UNAA Executive Director Matthew Kronborg (1 July 2016)


Weekends with Simon Marnie – ABC Sydney Podcast: Interview with UNAA Executive Director Matthew Kronborg (21 September 2015)


WFUNA 41st Plenary - Matthew KronborgPanorama Podcast: UNAA Executive Director Matthew Kronborg – Interview by Emma D’Agostino  

(Comments aired as part of a Special Envoy for Human Rights  story first aired on Panorama SYN 90.7FM on 9 February 2016)


UNAA National Conference – Canberra (August 2015)

The following Podcasts were taken from speeches given during the UNAA National Conference at Canberra in August 2015


  • garethevansHon Gareth Evans AC QC – “Is there a future for the United Nations?”


  • HajkowiczDr Stefan Hajkowicz – “Global Development Trends


  • Dr MichDr Michelle Burgis-Kashalaelle Burgis-Kashala – “Has the ICC got a Future?





  • Professor Will Steffen – “The Future of Climate



  • Catherine Hunter – “Corporate responsibility for the Planet





  • Marc Purcell – “What role for NGOs?



Natasha Smith

  • Natasha Smith – “SDG’s: The Government’s perspective


  • ramesh thakurProfessor Ramesh Thakur – “Is R2P still a viable concept?


William MAley

  • Professor William Maley – “Wither Asylum Seekers?



michael bliss

  • Michael Bliss -“Humanitarian Law: does it help?



  • Christopher Woodthorpe – “The UN response


James Mclay

  • Sir James McLay KNZM QSO – “The NZ perspective




  • H.E. Ma Zhaoxu, Ambassador of China to Australia – “China’s perspective on the UN


  • Gary QuinlanGary Quinlan – “Australia in the Security Council: What a ride!!