UNAA Queensland Community Awards

UNAA Queensland Community Awards

The UNAA Queensland Community Awards were established in 2010 to recognise individuals and organisations in our communities, based in Queensland, who have shown outstanding effort in initiating or supporting activities or projects which reflect the basis of the United Nations Charter and its purposes.

In communities around Queensland – from the suburbs to regional and rural areas and to the inner cities – many of us are often struck by the extraordinary efforts made by individuals and organisations to support and assist Australians.

Last year’s recognition of unsung local heroes can be viewed in the program here, and you can view our short highlights video online here.

The UNAA Queensland Branch is now calling for nominations for 2018 to recognise those individuals and organisations whose selfless and often uncelebrated efforts work towards issues of peace, human rights, social justice and equality in our communities across Queensland.

Nominations for the UNAA Queensland Community Awards should be based on activities by individuals and/or organisations which address one or more of the selection criteria and reflect the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Further information on the selection criteria is available in the UNAA QLD Community Awards Form.

For more information: qld@unaa.org.au