Neesha Seth: WA Convenor

Neesha Seth is recognised for her highly energetic and passionate approach to life. This approach is demonstrated in all aspects of her professional and voluntary work, by her ability to inspire, engage and influence others. Over the past 10 years, she has utilised a variety of mediums to communicate and assist others, including her role as a registered Psychologist, and a trained and experienced television presenter/MC. Neesha’s passion extends to the Not-for-Profit sector. Neesha currently holds the seat of Vice-President of the United Nations Association of Australia in WA, as well as the seat of State Convenor for the Young Professionals chapter of the UNAA in WA.

Neesha continues to aspire to combine her professional knowledge and practical experience in the media industry, through her work as an MC for diverse events, writing and presenting television segments, and other bespoke requests that match her skillset.

Aaron Yeak: Secretary

Aaron is a highly motivated entrepreneurial professional with a passion for social impact. His experience extends across business, sports administration, event management, and management consulting, covering fitness, motor sport, retail, energy and utilities, logistics, construction and health care. Aaron believes in the global power of this generation to create positive change and social impact via social enterprise, business and sport.

With extensive international experience studying and working abroad, Aaron is passionate about cultural inclusion and equality. He combines his experience, skills and empathetic approach into an energetic and tenacious attitude. Through his businesses, public speaking and writing he strives to help our generation recognise their potential.

Naomi Bezu: Events Coordinator

Naomi is a driven HR professional with 7 years’ experience in recruitment and generalist HR gained from a range of industries including Aviation, Finance, Music and Events.

Naomi is a keen traveller, having recently lived in London and loves experiencing new places and different cultures. Naomi is passionate about advocating gender equality and environmental issues and was previously the Events Coordinator for the UN Young Women Committee WA. Naomi is excited to be part of the UN YP committee where she can network with like-minded professionals and inspire and educate others on the work, goals and values of the United Nations to create a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.

Dr Erin Gray: Communications

Erin has a PhD in geology from Curtin University and is currently a sessional academic. She is passionate about teaching in science-based subjects and loves the challenge of making complex scientific information easy to understand and fun to learn.

Erin is a former elite taekwondo athlete and represented Australia in the Commonwealth Championships in Edinburgh in 2014. She is also a former co-captain of the Curtin University Games team and loves being involved in leadership development. Erin currently plays in the WAWFL for the Claremont Football Club. Erin’s interests include travel, writing and getting outdoors.

Issues that are close to Erin’s heart include promoting gender equity in science and sport, caring for the environment and inspiring young people to engage with their leadership potential.

Mitchell Matambo: Marketing & Membership

Mitchell is the Marketing Executive for a media organisation in the mining industry. Her academic and professional background is in marketing. Her experiences in a professional capacity have enabled her to focus on listening to and understanding important issues and strategically delivering strong outcomes.

Mitchell was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Being surrounded by diverse nationalities, through travelling, studying and living in countries such as South Africa, Zambia & Australia, has increased her cultural sensitivity and confidence of social integration. The UNAA Young Professionals mission to “inspire young professionals throughout Australia in international affairs and the work of the United Nations around the world” resonates deeply for Mitchell. She has a keen interest and desire to become an active participant towards lending a hand in preserving peace, supporting the disadvantaged and inspiring the young people.

Ali Khandoker: Finance

Ali is a successful finance professional, working for the Government of Western Australia. He has developed his career in the era of public sector financial reform, which enabled him to acquire exceptional skills in complex financial modelling and business efficiency planning.

Ali was born and brought up in a country, which is transforming from third world to a developed country. He has seen the adverse effect of economic growth on environment and how capitalisation can violate human rights. He has witnessed the work UN has been doing there to achieve the balance and upheld human rights for all. These lived experiences inspired him to be part of the UN associated Young Professionals organisation.

Stefanos Sifandos: Corporate Development & Community

Stefanos’s background is diverse. In the corporate world he provides expertise in connecting viable long-term commercial models to long-term sustainability practices to community. Alongside this, Stefanos also provides the means to build and sustain meaningful relationships that promote the vision and growth of any organization he is a part of. Stefanos is an inspired futurist and understands that exponential technologies will lend themselves to integrating and injecting high levels of social equity in to our socio-cultural paradigms.

Stefanos has been directly involved in the successful implementation of programs increasing technical, social and commercial capacity in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Social Equity, Technology & Innovation, Renewables and Commercial Waste Management.

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