Looking to do something worthwhile in your spare time? Volunteering with the UNAA is a great way to show your support for the important work of the UN and make a global contribution locally. Together we work to inform, inspire and engage all Australian’s regarding the work, goals, and values of the United Nations.


United Nations Association of Australia (WA Division)

WA Vacant Voluntary Positions




When no current opportunity above is of interest; the best way to get on our radar is to make a prospective volunteer application:

With dozens of volunteers across Australia working in over twenty teams; there are openings that regularly arise. For instance, you could:

  • Join the working committee of your local UNAA Division
  • Join the working committee of your local UNAA Young Professionals team
  • Join the working committee of your local UN Youth Australia team
  • Volunteer/Intern at the UNAA National Office or at a Division office
  • Organise a fundraising event in your school, workplace or community and donate to the UNAA

Note on Division Applications
Volunteering on the working committee of the your local State or Territory Division is a good way to make a contribution.
Typically the best way to join these boards is as follows:
1) JOIN – Become a paid up member of the Division to which you aspire.
2) ADVISE – Complete the prospective volunteer form.
3) NOMINATE – Contact your local Division for information on the local nomination and election process.
4) ELECTION – Be elected at the Division’s next Annual General Meeting. Occasionally possible to be co-opted on at other times of year. These elections are usually competitive.

The timing of each Division AGM can be different: NSW ~July / SA ~July / ACT ~July / TAS ~July / WA ~August / QLD ~September / NT ~November / VIC ~December.