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  • Learn. Receive invitations to regular meetings, seminars, and discussions on current and important global issues.
  • Meet. Attend networking opportunities with recognised leaders from government, community and the United Nations.
  • Share. Obtain an opportunity to share your views with like-minded individuals in a non-partisan framework.
  • Get informed. Glean regular UN news updates and materials on national and international affairs.
  • Respect. Gain membership of an esteemed international organisation founded in 1946.

Help make the world a better place.

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More detail

Established in 1946, the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) is a non-profit, non-government organisation, which works to advance the goals of the United Nations in Australia and around the world.

UNAA members come from all areas and walks of life— age, education levels, and employment histories aren’t important. What brings them together is a shared interest in the work of the United Nations, and in trying to make the world a better place.

We run events for members throughout the year, such as speaker events, dinners, conferences and film nights. These are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals as well as high-profile UN officials, diplomats, politicians, academics and other respected guests.

We also hold regular meetings, held on the second Wednesday of each month which are open to all members.  These meetings provide an opportunity to be updated about news from the UN and what the UNAA is doing around Australia, help develop activities as well as learn about the administration of this volunteer-led organisation. Contact if you would like to attend.

Whether you actively volunteer with us every month or just attend an event once a year, your level of participation is entirely up to you.

As a UNAA ACT member you will receive:

• Subscription to UNAA News – the UNAA’s regular newsletter containing all the latest UN and UNAA news

• Invitations and discounted entry to UNAA ACT events

• The right to nominate for office and vote at the UNAA ACT Division AGM

• The opportunity to participate in the UNAA National Conference