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The Federal Friends of the United Nations Parliamentary Group is a selection of Federal MPs and Senators with an interest in the work, goals, and values of the United Nations, and its relationship with Australia.

The goal of this group and its members is to raise awareness of the important role the United Nations plays across the globe. The group is Co-chaired by Ms. Sharon Claydon MP and Mr Andrew Laming MP. The UNAA worked with MPs and Senators to establish the group in the mid-2000’s, under the leadership of former UNAA National President Russell Trood whilst he was a sitting Australian Senator in conjunction with Professor John Langmore, then UNAA National President.

The Friends of UN Parliamentary Group regularly holds briefings and events at Parliament House in Canberra which UNAA members are invited to attend. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

To work with the UNAA and the UN Parliamentary Group or to find out more, please contact: admin@unaa.org.au