UNAA Goodwill Ambassadors

UNAA Goodwill Ambassadors

Hon. Dr Lynn Arnold AO – Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Dr Lynn Arnold AO is former Premier of South Australia and former CEO of World Vision Australia. Prior to his appointment as Premier in 1992, Dr Arnold worked in the Labor Government for 11 years. He has extensive experience working with World Vision, having also served as Senior Director for World Vision International and World Vision’s Regional Vice-President for Asia and the Pacific. A long-time member of the UNAA (SA), Dr Arnold has held the positions of State President in South Australia and National Vice-President. Dr Arnold is also former CEO of Anglicare SA, which works in the areas of aged care, families, vulnerable people, housing and economic participation. He was awarded the Order of Australia (AO) in 2004 for his services to Australia through the South Australian Parliament and internationally through the development and humanitarian aid assistance. In 2013, he was ordained Deacon in the Anglican Church and since 2014 has been serving as a Priest in Adelaide.

Erika Feller – Goodwill Ambassador for Global People Movement, Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Erika Feller held the post of Assistant High Commissioner (Protection), one of the four top management positions of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  Erika spent 14 years and three international postings with the Australian diplomatic service, followed by 26 years with UNHCR,  in Geneva and the field. As the High Commissioner’s Representative in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Erika served as UNHCR’s Regional Coordinator for Status Determination for the Indo-Chinese refugee outflow. As Director of the Department of International Protection for six years, Erika ran key protection negotiations and initiated and managed the 2001/2002 Global Consultations on International Protection, which generated the Agenda for Protection, an internationally endorsed multi-year “road map” for global refugee protection. As Assistant High Commissioner, Erika had oversight for the performance by UNHCR’s core protection responsibilities worldwide, in over 120 countries.

After retiring from UNHCR, Erika was appointed a Fellow of the Australian Institute of International Affairs in 2013 and a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Melbourne in 2014.  Her recent work has centred on regional refugee protection and on the reduction of statelessness.  One direct outcome has been the creation in 2018 of the Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness. In 2015 Erika was awarded the Arts Alumni Award for Leadership and is an academically acknowledged authority on refugee law. Erika is an entrant in Who’s Who in International Law and a contributor to the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law.

Grace Forrest – Goodwill Ambassador for Anti-Slavery

Grace is a founding director of the Walk Free Foundation, an international human rights group with an objective to end modern slavery. Underpinned by research, the Walk Free Foundation uses direct engagement with business, government, faiths, and grassroots intervention to drive systems to change from the top-down and ground up. Grace has spent extensive time working in South East Asia and the Middle East, using photography and storytelling to share the stories of survivors of modern slavery, with a current focus on refugee communities. She regularly represents the Walk Free Foundation at international forums, including recent events at the Vatican and United Nations. She is also a director of the Minderoo Foundation, recently joined the board of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and previously worked at the Legatum Institute as a research analyst on global people movement.

Tanya Hosch – Goodwill Ambassador for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Tanya Hosch is the General Manager of Inclusion and Social Policy at the AFL. Tanya has a long and distinguished history in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy, advocacy, governance and fundraising.

Before joining the AFL as the first ever Indigenous person and second woman in their Executive ranks in August 2016, Tanya was the Joint Campaign Director of the Recognise movement for constitutional reform. At the AFL Tanya’s portfolios include – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, Gender Equality, and Sexuality and Gender Diversity.  Tanya is tasked with the implementation of the AFL’s enhanced Indigenous strategy, advising the AFL Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Council, maintenance of the Respect and Responsibility Policy, 2017, the AFL’s Gender Action Plan and the Gender Diversity Policy.

Tanya is a member of the Indigenous Advisory Group of the NAB and is a Board Director of the Indigenous Land Corporation, Circus Oz, the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute and was a member of the Referendum Council that led the process and final recommendation that resulted in, The Statement from the Heart.