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September Issue: Highlights

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UNAA to host UN & Australia Sustainable Partnerships Forum


From 14 to 16 April 2020, the UNAA will bring together UN leaders and Australian organisations across business, civil society, academia and government who are leading in building and supporting sustainable partnerships to progress the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Climate action urgency in domestic and international discourse

From 21-23 September, the UN Climate Action Summit united governments, the private sector, civil society, local authorities and other international organisations to develop ambitious global solutions to combat climate change.

Some key outcomes from the Summit include:
  • 12 countries made financial commitments to the Green Climate Fund
  • The Russian Federation announced that they will ratify the Paris Agreement, bringing the total number of countries that have joined the Agreement to 187
  • The European Union announced that at least 25% of the next EU budget will be devoted to climate-related activities
  • Michael Bloomberg will increase the funding and geographic spread of his coal phase-out efforts to 30 countries; already, his work has helped to close 297 out of 530 coal plants in the US

Preceding the Summit, on 20 September young people from over 150 countries took part in another Global Climate Strike urging world leaders to take stronger, more committed measures to tackle climate change. Over 300,000 youth took to the streets across Australia to call for increased action towards SDG 13. This #ClimateStrike also aligned with the UN’s inaugural Youth Climate Summit, held on 21 September. Click here to read more about the #ClimateStrike.

The UNAA’s submission to the Climate Change Authority recommends a nation-wide approach to Australia’s management of climate change to meet its commitments to the Paris Agreement.

United Nations Day celebrations

United Nations Day marks the anniversary of the UN’s establishment from the ratification of the UN Charter on 24 October 1945. Join the UNAA celebrations:

UNAA NSW Space Summit

In supporting Australia’s ambitious space endeavours, UNAA NSW’s NewSpace Summit on 4 October aims to inspire, educate and empower those interested in helping Australia make its giant leap. The NewSpace Summit will showcase opportunities for those involved in law, science, engineering and business.  A schedule of events can be viewed here and tickets can be purchased here.