New South Wales

NSW Get Involved

How to get involved with the NSW Division?

As a volunteer, you can spread the world via your local community and online, get actively involved in our events, and help us raise vital funds for the promotion of the UN values.

Volunteering with the UNAA is a great way to show your support for the important work of the UN and make a global contribution locally.

Ways you can volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Joining your local UNAA NSW Division
  • Volunteering with us at UNAA NSW
  • Organising an awareness-raising or fundraising event in your school, workplace or community.
  • Providing support for the UNAA’s national activities, through research, promotion and event organisation

Volunteering involves a combination of:

  • General Volunteering – There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the UNAA NSW Branch, from assisting in the design, organisation or participation at some of our fantastic community-focused events.
  • Skilled Volunteering – Utilising your specialist skills (for example, marketing, accounting, graphic design, legal, photography, communications, social media, research, event management, logistics, administration, data entry and general office duties etc) and applying it to support the work of the UNAA.

What you’ll need?

  • Aligned with the UN core values
  • A drive to support the UNAA NSW Branch
  • Able to commit. We ask that all volunteers make a good faith commitment to the time, terms and conditions of the volunteer role.
  • Age requirements. We note that some of the UNAA volunteer activities have minimum age requirements. Event fundraising is open to all age groups.
  • Living in NSW, Australia

We are always looking for general and skilled volunteers for a variety of roles and events. We also partner with Corporates for UNAA team building volunteering events.

For other opportunities, please contact Brett Martin, from our Volunteering Team for more information on getting involved.