WA Membership

WA Online Membership Application or Renewal

Our membership system is hosted by TidyHQ. You can use the TidyHQ website to apply for a new membership or renew/update an existing membership. You can pay by PayPal or credit card.

New Member?

If you are applying for a new membership you begin by registering your details in a TidyHQ account.

Existing Member?

You can renew your membership and/or update your contact details using the TidyHQ system. There should already be an account for you. If so, you first need to login. If you have never used the TidyHQ system then you will have to change your password before you can log in. If there is no account then you will need to register.

School or Organisation?

When registering in TidyHQ:

  • “first name” and “last name” are those of the main contact person
  • “Company” is the full title of the school/organisation

Next Step

Continue by clicking here to enter the TidyHQ website.