Life Members – NSW

Life Members – NSW

Members of the UNAA (NSW) who have contributed outstanding service to the organisation over multiple years may be voted into the esteemed position of life member in recognition of their exemplary efforts. Members who have achieved this title are remembered in the wall of honour below (in alphabetical order).

Wall of Honour

Yvonne Brent – For services in leading the Hunter Region Branch over many years

Maureen Giddings OBE – For services as President during the early 1990s

Geoffrey Hogan AM – For services as President during the 1980s

Kitty Knight – For services as a Secretary during the early 1990s and leading the Blue Mountains Branch for many years

Geoffrey Little – For services as Vice-President and for 18 years convening the United Nations Cenotaph Ceremony

Rex Ogden – For services as Treasurer during the 1980s and 1990s

Thelma Palmer – For services as Secretary during the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s

Lurline Price – A former UN employee, for services leading UNAA(NSW) seminars and conferences in the early 1990s

Franklin Scarf – For services as President, for leading the Blue Mountains Branch and for services to the environment over many years

Dr Keith Suter – For services as President during the 1980s and 1990s, speaking at events and advocating in the media for the United Nations, including writing several relevant books and long-form articles

Kenneth Weekes Esquire (Vice-president Emeritus) – For services in leading numerous education, communication and advocacy activities on behalf of the UNAA(NSW) over many years. A recipient of the UNAA Peace Prize

Valerie Weekes – For services as President in the 2000s

Dr Peter Airey – For services as President and for his genuine commitment to the Association

Diane Sackelariou OAM – Long term member and supporter