President’s Welcome NSW

President’s Welcome NSW

President’s Welcome

The UNAA New South Wales is a non-profit, non-government, membership-based, community organisation working to promote the aims and ideals of the United Nations and seek support for the UN and its programs and agencies.

We are committed to building a strong, credible and effective UN. We advocate support for the UN in the Australian community and seek to demonstrate why the UN matters to people everywhere.

Our primary purpose is to raise awareness about the UN and its work and engage the Australian community on key issues on the UN agenda. We play a critical role in connecting Australians with the United Nations and educating the community on key international and local environmental, human rights and social justice issues.

United Nations Associations represent a vital link between the United Nations and citizens of its member states. In Australia, the Association is represented in every state and territory through its divisions and the national body. The divisions work together to campaign in support of the UN and its current priorities such as the Sustainable Development Goals, human rights, gender equality, the environment, global health, peace, and security.

The Association has the following aims and objectives:

  • To support the United Nations and its work;
  • To raise awareness of the United Nations and related agencies in the Australian community;
  • To ensure Australians understand the rights and responsibilities Australia has as a UN member state;
  • To consult with and make recommendations to the Australian Government on UN matters;
  • To encourage cooperation among organisations interested in the economic, social and cultural development of all peoples.

The UNAA is made up of a wide range of people all from diverse backgrounds and outlooks. The one view that we all share, is that we have a chance to make our society and environment a better place to live in, a place that we can unreservedly passed along to our children, knowing that we have done our best and what is right. This is a wonderful chance for you to see how and what the UNAA is doing at the grassroots level in NSW. I wholeheartedly invite you to explore the site and should you feel interested, to contact us and come to see the UNAA in action.

Dr Patricia Jenkings

BA (Hons) PhD (USYD)
President – NSW Division
Vice President – National
United Nations Association of Australia