UNAA International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples Webinar


The UNAA would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which this event took place, including the Ngunnawal people of Canberra, and those custodians from the range of  areas people were tuning in from. We would like to pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging. We extend this same respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples that attended our event, and to those who are listening in now. 

The UNAA is proud to release the recording of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led webinar that took place Friday, August 21st. Our webinar saw our amazing panelists, Tanya Hosch, Joe Morrison, and Malachi Murljacic answer a range of interesting questions we received from our attendees. From sovereignty and self-determination to copyright issues, there was no shortage of important issues to be discussed. We hope Tanya, Joe, and Malachi can clarify some of your burning questions, and hopefully, leave you feeling inspired.



The UNAA would like to thank Tanya, Joe and Malachi for their expertise, time and contribution in running this event and answering some of the most important questions in working toward reconciliation. We also thank the ACT Government for its generous support of the event and the UNAA. We also want to thank Gavin Wanganeen for his beautiful artwork used in our Reconciliation Action Plan and reconciliation activities. You can see more of Gavin’s work at Gavin Wanganeen art here! 


Our Webinar

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