Australian Capital Territory

ACT President’s Welcome

President’s welcome

Like all the State and Territory Divisions, our primary purpose is to support the mission of the United Nations through awareness raising and education.  I think that we in Canberra have the particular advantage of being able to draw on the presence of the international diplomatic community, the Commonwealth Parliament, the departments and agencies responsible for Australia’s foreign policy and programs, as well as numerous UN delegations and officials that visit the city.

This means we are able to host interesting speakers and events across the full range of the UN’s programs, encompassing peace and security, human rights, sustainable development, and justice and the rule of law.

But above all, the UNAA in Canberra is about building a community of like-minded people passionate about the UN and what Australia’s role should be in the ‘Parliament of the World’.  We hope you will join us, and contribute your interest, enthusiasm and your company.

Brian Gleeson