WA Programs for Schools

WA: Education Resources Bank

UNAAWA develops education resources (such as Teachers’ Notes and PowerPoint presentations) that reflect the work and ideals of the UN for use by its members.
Click here for a list of current resources and how they link to the Western Australian curriculum.
Click here to access the dropbox containing the resources. These can be previewed directly or downloaded to your computer.

Operational Details

  1. The UNAAWA School Programs Coordinator and Education Reference Group oversee development of each resource.
  2. Once endorsed by the Executive, each education resource is placed in the UNAAWA Education Resource Drop Box. Details for version control are added in the footer.
  3. Current United Nations publications will be used as the definitive reference for all resources under development.
  4. Speakers’ Notes accompany all PowerPoint presentations. These notes identify relevance to the Western Australian Curriculum (e.g. Year 10 History content; Sustainability cross curriculum priority; Critical and creative thinking general capability; Respect and concern for others and their rights, social and civic responsibility and environmental responsibility in the Western Australian values of schooling).
  5. The approved UNAA template is used to format all resources.
  6. Resources are reviewed annually for relevance and accuracy. Amendments are made as required. Any resources identified as being out dated and no longer useful are removed or replaced.