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WA: School Speakers Program

UNAAWA offers a School Speaker Program that aims to present information on the work and ideals of the United Nations in a manner that is engaging for students and relevant to school curriculum requirements.
To find out about our volunteer speakers and their availability click here.
Requests for school speakers are made by emailing: gcs@unaa-wa.org.au with the title School Speaker Request.
Click here for the UNAAWA School Speakers Program evaluation sheet. Please complete and email it to gcs@unaa-wa.org.au to provide constructive feedback for the program coordinator and the speaker.
Dates, topics and speakers are negotiated in accordance with the following operational details.

Operational Details

  1. The UNAAWA Education Reference Group oversees development and implementation of the School Speaker Program.
  2. Topics covered in the Speaker Program are those included in the UNAAWA Education Resources Bank.
  3. If a school requests a topic that is not included a new resource is considered for development in accordance with the endorsed UNAAWA Education Resources Bank procedures.
  4. Members of UNAAWA apply to be included on the List of Available Speakers and demonstrate that they are committed to presenting information consistent with that in United Nations publications (including the UN website), have experience in public speaking and are able to make appropriate adjustments to meet audience needs (particularly for different groups of school students). They also indicate times of availability, preferred locations, and whether the applicant holds a current Working With Children Check (WWCC) OR a declaration that they do not have any convictions, circumstances or reasons that might preclude them working with or near children. Click here to download the Expression of Interest form.
  5. Under the WA Child Protection legislation, UNAAWA Speakers do not fit the definition of being involved in child-related work. However, in cases where the school requires that the speaker selected holds a current Working With Children Check, every effort will be made to meet this request.
  6. Reimbursement for speakers’ travel expenses will only be available for schools outside the Perth metropolitan area. In such cases, the level of reimbursement is negotiated prior to UNAAWA agreeing to meet the school request.
  7. Member organisations will be entitled to one speaker per year free of charge. Any additional requests from member schools and non-member organisations are met for a negotiated fee.
  8. The UNAAWA School Programs Coordinator oversees the effective operation of the program, including implementation of induction and mentoring procedures.
  9. Schools apply for a speaker through the School Programs Coordinator (email: gcs@unaa-wa.org.au) indicating the topic, year group, preferred date and time.