Our August AGM and Monthly Meeting

A reminder that our next meeting will be held as follows:

DATE: Saturday 28th August 2021
TIME: 10am
VENUE: Griffith University, Level 7 Webb Centre, Southbank and Online via Zoom


We would love to see you there but if you are not able to attend in person then a zoom link will be available for members via a meeting notice closer to the date.

Upcoming Events

There are lots of events on topics associated with the work of our Association. Here is a list in case you are interested in participating …

[POSTPONED]– West Papua: Finding a Way Forward
Time:10am Venue: Griffith Uni Webb Centre, 226 Grey Street, South Brisbane
West Papuan people suffer from ongoing violence, cultural erasure and community displacement by Indonesian militant groups. The forum will feature guest speakers Amadus Douw (West Papuan diplomat, Free Papuan Movement), Julian King (West Papua PhD Candidate), Claire Moore (UNAAQ President) and Tracie Starkey (Assistant Director, DFAT Qld)
Book here:

21st August – 22nd March –  Review of the Qld Anti-Discrimination Act
UNAAQ is participating in a review of the Act being undertaken by the Qld Human Rights Commission. The submission process is inviting all Qlders to ashare their experiences, view and ideas on how to improve discrimination law and promote equality and non-discrimination to the greatest extent possible.
Madison Gorton, our intern from UQ will help the UNAA’s consultation process and to assess the impact of UNAA’s contribution on the outcome of the Review. Our consultation meeting with the QLD Human Rights Commission will be on Friday 17 September.
For more information:

24 August – Multicultural Queensland Month
August is Multicultural Qld Month and a series of free webinars are on offer exploring topics such as racism prevention, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and gender based violence. There are still some webinars to enjoy. For more information see HERE

24 August – The Quest for Peace in a World in Flames
Time: 6pm Online
Join Prof Alex Bellamy for this Australian Institute for International Affairs webinar in which he makes the case for taking world peace more seriously, arguing peace is possible but neither inevitable nor irreversible. For info and to register see HERE.

26th August – An Inclusive Future: Designing Sustainable Cities
Time: 6pm, Venue: The Precinct, Level 2/315 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

Join our UNAA Young Professionals in conversation with an incredible solutions-focused panel, as we discuss what we want to see in our cities, understand the complexity of urban design and explore how we can work together to achieve better outcomes for all and make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.
To register or to get tickets:

26 August – Universal Basic Income: Opportunities and Challenges
Time: 7-30pm Online
A leading international proponent of UBI, Prof Guy Standing will head up a panel that includes Eva Cox AO, Per Capita Executive Director, Emma Dawson, and labour economist, Prof Margaret Nowak in a discussion of this fascinating topic to explore whether UBI is a policy solution to inequality and other social challenges. Hosted by economist Andrew Leigh MP and the Fabians. See more info HERE

26 August – Climate Change and it’s Impacts – An Update
Time: 1pm Online
The latest assessment of climate change science was presented by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on 9 August. Climate change is already affecting Australia and our ecosystems. David Karoly, an internationally recognised expert on climate change and climate variability and Chief Research Scientist at the CSIRO Climate Science Centre will present on how climate change has led to observed changes in temperature, rainfall patterns and extremes across Australia as well as ecological impacts and future changes that are locked in.
For further info and to register, see HERE.

30 August – 100 Year Commemoration: TJ Ryan, former Premier of Qld
Time: 6pm Venue: Legislative Council Chamber, Qld Parliament Cost: $20 (ASPGQ members) $25 (non-members) incl refreshments
A panel of speakers featuring TJ Ryan Foundation board members Professor Kay Saunders, Professor Tim Cochrane and Qld historian Dr Raymond Evans will commemoration the life and work of the former Qld Premier.
To book:

31 August – Australia’s Exceptional Friend: Australia’s Fatal Alliance
Time: 6pm Online
This year is the 70th Anniversary of the ANZUS Treaty symbolising the long-standing Australia-US security alliance. In this launch of her book of the title above, Dr Emma Shortis questions our relationship with the United States highlighting the need to look beyond the US and diversify to find new strategic partners. Challenging the perception that Australia has a binary choice between the US and China, Shortis combines history, current affairs and ideals of morality to develop justification for Australia to overhaul its seemingly most important relationship.
For more info and to register see HERE.

10 September – Reimagining Quality of Life and Social Wellbeing
Time: 9.30am Online
As part of Australia’s Social Sciences Week, the New Economy Network is holding this webinar examining “post capitalist visions of quality of life.” The event will feature outstanding guest speakers including Prof Noam Chomsky, Prof Gar Alperovitz, and Assoc Prof Ariel Salleh.
For more info and to register: see HERE 

12 September – Film Release: The Big Deal
Is our democracy at risk? The misuse of public funds on an eye popping scale has been revealed by recent reports of the Auditor General showing hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers money was funneled into a commuter car park fund aimed at maximising the government’s electoral chances. the forthcoming film – The Big Deal – directed by Craig Reucassel  couldn’t be coming at a better time. It’s coming to a cinema near you. For more details see HERE.

19 September – China’s Rise: Threat or Opportunity?
Time: 2pm Online
In this seminar, you will hear one of Australia’s leading China historians, Emeritus Professor Colin Mackerras AO in conversation with foreign policy expert Emeritus Professor Joe Camilleri addressing China’s remarkable transformation of the last 40 years and what this means for Australia and the world.
To attend you can register HERE

20 September – Book Launch: “Half Life – The Nuclear Industry In Australia”
The Avid Reader Bookshop and Monash University Publishing are delighted to invite you to the launch of this book written by Dr Ian Lowe. Our Vice President, Rod Welford, will join Dr Lowe in launching the book, described by former Federal Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, as “a clarion call for sanity at a time we can finally get the nuclear monkey off our back – highly recommended.”
Time: 6.30pm Venue: Avid Reader, 193 Boundary St, West End
See more details HERE

21 September – International Day of Peace “Salute to Nations”
Time: 9.30am Venue: St John’s Cathedral, Ann St Brisbane
For the first time in history, the national anthems of all the countries of the United Nations will be sung continuously on one day by two Brisbane sister and UNAA members, Augnes and Teresa Joy. The World Records will attend to record this world record attempt which promotes world peace through showing respect for all nations and promoting friendly country relations. Join us for this Peace and Security Program event of UNAAQ.
For more info: contact Clem Campbell at or on 0413051679

25-26 September – Alternatives to Violence Project – Workshop
Time: 9am – 4pm Venue: Lotus Place, 46 Cleveland St Greenslopes
This workshop helps participants discover new and creative ways to respond to conflict and experience pathways to peace and discover how to create them in our daily lives. Cost: $80 Conc: $40
For more info contact Neil at or 0590491828

20th October [NEW DATE] Derek Fielding Memorial Lecture
Time: 6-8pm, Location: Law Society House, 179 Ann Street, Brisbane, QLD
The Queensland Council for Civil Liberties is soon hosting the 2021 Derek Fielding Memorial Lecture. This year’s address will be delivered by Ms Elizabeth Shearer, President of the Queensland Law Society, speaking on the important topic of access to the civil justice system as a prerequisite to realizing our rights and liberties.

Further details and event registration:

Meet our New Interns

We are pleased to welcome two university interns coming to support our work over the coming months.

Madison Gordon is a fifth year student at the University of Queensland completing a dual degree in Business Management and Arts. With majors in political science and advertising, she is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of policy and media. Madison has worked as Director of Client Services at Australia’s first student-run communications agency helping local companies and not for profits navigate the digital landscape to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19. With UNAA, she will be helping prepare our submissions to the review of the Anti-Discrimination Act by the Human Rights Commission (Qld).

Maria Nagy is a student of the University of the Sunshine Coast completing a Bachelor of Social Work. Her UNAA project with us is the last component of her degree. She has participated in the USC’s Overseas Study Program and completed studies in Austria, Spain and Hungary. Her passion for sustainable development and global justice led her to recently enrol in a Masters degree in Global Studies majoring in International Development. Maria will be working on our Newsletter, membership strategies, surveys, the SDG Champions event and other projects supporting UNAAQ.

Helen Caldicott: With all its wisdom, the human race is killing itself.

This article reflects on our modern world and its threats, such as nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence and encourages change for peaceful attitudes and feminine energies to rise.

Queensland mayor’s history-making apology for ‘slavery’ shame

Bundaberg mayor Jack Dempsey acknowledged and apologised for the horrific treatments of people from Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands, who worked in the Queensland sugarcane industries. Dempsey stated: “Saying sorry is necessary for healing and to move forward in friendship. Our industries today rely on voluntary seasonal labour. This must always be a relationship based on respect, courtesy, fairness and trust.”

Proposed law changes put charities at risk

Australian charities are governed by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission. The Morrison Government is proposing new regulations which would give the Charities Commissioner sweeping and discretionary powers to de-register charities. Even a government-led Committee has raised concerns about the impact of the Government’s proposed regulatory reforms. A number of charities have combined to launch a Hands off our Charities Campaign to try to protect their right to advocacy.

President Joe Biden promises Pacific Islands Forum US will ‘dramatically’ cut emissions

Joe Biden has stated to Pacific Island leaders that the United States will “dramatically” cut emissions this decade to help avoid the worst impacts of climate change, including loss of land and lives at the Pacific Island region. Scott Morrison has also declared that Australia’s aim is to reach net zero by the middle of the century. However, full commitment from the Australian leader was not settled on the day.

Climate Champions release master plan to halve sector emissions by 2030

The Zero campaign covers the three quarters of global emissions, involving nearly 800 cities and 31 regions. The UN High Level Climate Champions updated their documents on how halving emissions by 2030 would be possible. This new strategy covers over 30 sectors, including oil, gas, fashion, finance, pharma, tourism, Carbon Capture Usage & Storage (CCUS) and Direct Air Capture.

COP26 Uniting the World to tackle climate change

Even conservative political leaders have expressed concern that we are on the brink of catastrophe. The annual UN Climate Change Conference, COP26 may be the last chance to avoid it and will take place from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow, UK. The COP26 summit will be held to fasten actions towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Civil societies, companies, and people on the frontline of climate change are encouraged to participate to build resilience and lower emissions.

Climate change litigation update

Legal actions are taken against governments from all around the world.
These legal actions are mainly targeting the fossil fuel sector to reduce emissions and to work towards net zero to protect human rights and to ensure a safer future for the next generation.

Supermarket Sustainability Competition Heats Up

It’s good to see some of Australia’s most high profile companies actively marketing their sustainability initiatives. The latest salvo to be fired in this competition is Coles’ ambition to become the country’s most sustainable supermarket with its Together to Zero and Better Together campaigns

Supermarket Sustainability Competition Heats Up

It’s good to see some of Australia’s most high profile companies actively marketing their sustainability initiatives. The latest salvo to be fired in this competition is Coles’ ambition to become the country’s most sustainable supermarket with its Together to Zero and Better Together campaigns. Reflecting some of the key UN Sustainable Development Goals, Coles is aiming for zero emissions, zero waste and zero hunger.
For more information on what Coles is doing, see HERE.

Don’t forget your Containers for Change

A reminder that we are registered as a beneficiary organisation in the Containers for Change program. So even if you can’t contribute in other ways, you can simply collect your drink bottles and cans to make small contributions to our limited financial resources. It’s simple to do –
1. Collect eligible containers – Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible.
2. Wrap them up and drop them off at a container refund point – find where to return them HERE.
3. Label your bag of containers with the UNAAQ registration number – C10241768 at drop off.

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