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Welcome to the Queensland Division of the United Nations Association of Australia.

We work to inform, inspire and engage our community in supporting the values and Sustainable Development Goals of the UN to create a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.

We also strive to act locally to promote the work of the UN to maintain and strengthen global peace and security, provide humanitarian relief, and promote human rights, environmental sustainability and economic development.

Secretary-General Message – Message for Countering Hate Speech

Attached is a message from the Secretary-General on the International Day for Countering Hate Speech, 18 June 2022 Read message here

Secretary-General Message – World Refugee Day

Attached is the Secretary-General message for World Refugee Day, 20 June 2022 Read message here

Putin’s narrative: The mobilisation of ontological security

By John Fowler Once again, a great power and permanent member of the UN Security Council and nuclear power has invaded another sovereign state. We are reminded that war remains […]

Shifting mindsets to challenge gender roles

By: Mariel Verroya, Nola Hennessy, Nicky Panont, and Akshitha Menon. Historically, attempts at reducing violence against women and girls are often represented as a timeless and universal phenomenon (United Nations, […]


Here’s what we’ve been up to… West Papua Forum On the 16th of September, the UNAA Queensland Peace and Security Program hosted the online event, ‘West Papua: Finding a way […]

Peace, Dignity and Equality on a Healthy Planet: How Australia can contribute to the UN Common Agenda

DOUG EVERINGHAM ORATION [delivered via zoom] 30 OCT 2021 Presented by LEANNE SMITH, Director of the Whitlam Institute, Western Sydney University       INTRODUCTION Good morning Brisbane! I am […]

Upcoming Events

24 April 2021

Monthly Meeting

Our next monthly meeting will be held on Saturday 24 April 2021 at 9am. Register here.

20-21 April 2021

UN and Australia Sustainable Partnerships Forum

Our major national event of the year, we will bring together governments of all levels, businesses, universities, start-ups, students and community organisations to hear from, and interact with, leading speakers from within the UN and from companies, universities and organisations which partner with the UN. This gathering will encompass all 17 Sustainable Development Goals but be guided by SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals to ensure it is outcome oriented. See more …