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15-16 April 2020, MCG

UN Australia Sustainable
Partnerships Forum 2020

Welcome to the Queensland Division of the United Nations Association of Australia. We work to connect the QLD community, government and other stakeholders to the UN and the global network of UN Associations. We operate at a state level to achieve positive change in support of the charter, aims, and ideals of the United Nations.

International Day of Peace Lecture 2020

Presented on the 21st of September, 2020 at St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane.

Lebanon: An outcry from the heart of the Middle East

While the world battles through a pandemic, Lebanon is simultaneously striving to survive an unprecedented economic crisis and an indiscriminate wave of famine, ultimately fuelling a political revolution. If that […]

Raising the price of war

ADAM TRIGGS This article was originally published 6 JULY 2020 on Inside Story. Publication here was done with the author’s permission and that of Inside Story. The original article can […]

Upcoming Events

Due to government imposed restrictions on public gatherings, UNAA public events are temporarily postponed.

Regular monthly meetings continue online. Please contact  for information.