QLD Executive Committee

UNAA Qld COMMITTEE 2021 – 2022

Claire Moore – President

Donnell Davis – Immediate Past President

Annette Brownlie – Vice President (Peace & Security)

Wendy Flannery – Vice President (Human Rights)

Rod Welford – Vice President (Sustainable)

Palani Thevar – Vice President (Membership)

Amitesh Kumar – Secretary

Ellen Derbyshire – Treasurer

Natalie Coleman – Committee Member (UN Young Professionals Qld)

Ron Mitchell – Committee Member (NGO Care)

Mr Clem Campbell OAM – Committee Member (Earth Charter)


Auditor: Mr Ramanathan Karuppiah


Working with us

Committee, Volunteers, Internships, Work experience 

Committee: Members who are interested in volunteering on the Committee are encouraged to contact us via qld@unaa.org.au. Please read our Orientation kit.

Volunteers: All volunteer opportunities are advertised to our members via our mailing list. Please become a member to learn about these opportunities when they become available.