Peace and Security Program

Peace and Security Program

The United Nations Association of Australia, Qld Division is leading a Peace and Security Program aiming to promote UN peacebuilding and peacekeeping initiatives in Australia, the Indo-Pacific and internationally. The Program works with civil society, universities, the business community, and government to raise awareness and engagement through research, seminars, and public events. The program supports the United Nations’ vital role in the attainment of peace and genuine security for the world’s people.

International Day of Peace Lecture 2020

Presented on the 21st of September, 2020 at St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane.

Lebanon: An outcry from the heart of the Middle East

While the world battles through a pandemic, Lebanon is simultaneously striving to survive an unprecedented economic crisis and an indiscriminate wave of famine, ultimately fuelling a political revolution. If that […]

Raising the price of war

ADAM TRIGGS This article was originally published 6 JULY 2020 on Inside Story. Publication here was done with the author’s permission and that of Inside Story. The original article can […]

Was there slavery in Australia? Yes. It shouldn’t even be up for debate

Thalia Anthony, University of Technology Sydney and Stephen Gray, Monash University. Prime Minister Scott Morrison asserted in a radio interview that “there was no slavery in Australia”. This is a […]

Twinkle Twinkle Little War

THE ROLE OF CHILDREN IN PROLONGING VIOLENT CONFLICT By Mariel Verroya   The Covid-19 lockdown allows us to reflect on the unfortunate realities that are happening in the world. We […]

The articles above are submitted by volunteers with passion for the UN and contributing to meaningful dialogue on significant issues. Each article is curated and reviewed by the UNAA Peace and Security Research Group, however does not represent the official views of the United Nations, or the UNAA. Rather, they are contributions to debates that the Peace and Security Group believe should remain in the forefront of the public’s consciousness.