Month: September 2016

UN aid finally reaching Syria

Only days ago the long discussed ceasefire agreement in Syria began to unravel and  special envoys packed with aid were once again blocked by new outbursts of war. In particular, a UN aid convoy fell to an air strike on 19th September. While it has not been confirmed who was responsible, the attack killed 12 people and […]

The UN in South Sudan

  In a move toward resolving the ongoing conflict in South Sudan, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has adopted Resolution 2304 (2016) with 11 votes in favour and four abstentions. The Security Council had “grave alarm and concern” for the situation in South Sudan, which has seen an escalation of deadly violence in the […]

Beyond 2016 – the Olympic legacy

  With a reach of over one billion people, the Olympic and Paralympic Games provides a world stage on which to showcase a nation’s potential. From culture to scenic beauty, history, music, food and more, the opportunity is one to be seized by a host country – the economic benefits are a huge boost to […]